On line Resources for the Trucking Owner Operator

As an Owner Operator you are probably more aware than many of how quickly the Internet, and technology, are changing the way hauling and tracking a load is done compared to just 10 years ago. Paperless programs, GPS, bar codes, mobile dispatch, routing software...the list goes on. Page after page could be written on what technology can do to benefit your business, but for the sake of time we'll focus on the Internet.

The Internet and Trucking

EveryOwnerOperatorJob.com is an example of how much information exchange has changed trucking; there was a time you'd have to look through half a dozen magazines and phone books to track down the contact information for half of the companies listed on EveryOwnerOperatorJob.com; and the information you would have located would have been little more than a phone number with no indication if they were taking on OO's.

Loads Boards, Freight Finders, Truck Sales, you name it; everything that before depended on a huge buddy system and black book can now be found with a few well typed terms in Google and WHAM – information; maybe even information overload.

What we at EveryOwnerOperatorJob.com will attempt to do is month bring you the tools and information you need to make the best decision about the job of being an Owner Operator; we'll find the Fleets, big and small, that are looking for you, and we'll bring you the news, software, hardware and accessories that may help out with the bottom line.

Owner Operator Related Hardware and Software

Hardware; computers and trucks are starting to become a common site this days as more and more Owner Operators find the benefits of Quick Books (tm) and Excell (tm) programs at maximizing the time in a day to manage loads, billing and log information. How do you purchase a computer? What's the best deal for the money? Which program should I be using with what problem? We're going to do our best to tell you, and ask for feedback, rating and commentary about what you feel is the best tool for the job.

Business Services for Owner Operators

It often best to use services tailored to your needs to get the best performance and service; and being a trucking professional your needs are much more specific in there scope than many other professions. We'll provide listings and reviews of companies and individuals that provide skills you many need such as tax services, mechanic, sales, legal advice, etc. with a focus on trucking.

Owner Operator Related Publications and Associations

What is the deal with Hot Fuels? Illinois and it's toll increases, Ohio and closed roads, New York and...everything. We'll provide you with summarizes of leading publications, link to ones you may not have know about, and the associations working to ensure your voice is heard. Read the news, browse the headlines or join a new group. We'll keep you covered.


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